Meet Your Team of Advisors

Our family of advisors first became friends over two decades ago while living in the same neighborhood. As professionals with young families, we shared a positive outlook with many common values, ethics, and interests. This eventually brought us together as a team with a vision dedicated to improving the financial lives of others with clarity, structure, and simplicity.

We chose our team name, Pintler Wealth Management Group, based on a rugged and spectacular Montana wilderness area and rugged mountain range balanced across the continental divide. This secluded stretch of the Great Divide gives rise to cirques, hanging valleys, alpine lakes, trout streams, forested valleys, and glacial moraines forming a wilderness wonderland. We felt this name best represented our group of financial advisors, with each advisor’s individual strengths combining together to work to provide our clients best-in-class service and expertise.

With appreciation and respect for diverse backgrounds, challenges, and life’s obstacles, we are just like you. We understand the need to take care of family, health, community, and future generations. We share the same desire for security and balance in our lives, and we are here to help you build a strong, flexible roadmap through your life’s journey.

Meet Your Support Staff

With a deep understanding of your needs and priorities, our Client Associates provide exceptional customer experiences and diligently maintain the day-to-day operations of our practice.