Serving Others and Building Trusted Relationships

The Pintler Wealth Management Group provides you with over 30 years of investment planning expertise to fulfill our mission. Our team of talented, experienced individuals is committed to building strong client relationships based on trust and exceptional personal service. We place you – our client – at the center of a high-quality investment planning experience dedicated to your financial success. Working together, our team helps you plan effectively, bring new clarity to life goals, and works to enhance your confidence in your ability to achieve those goals.
We begin by listening to you. A critical element to your financial confidence is understanding your past experiences, current situation, and goals for the future. Equipped with information you have shared, our team goes to work.

Our team will work with you to build a customized investment plan and roadmap designed to protect and grow your wealth. We can meet to review your investment portfolio and update it as your individual situation evolves over time.
Our team will clearly explain our recommendations so that you can take comfort in knowing you are working to achieve your goals.

Once we have mutual agreement, our recommendations are implemented in an independent, objective, unbiased, and cost-effective manner. For advisory clients, our team will review the progress of your goals, and make adjustments based on your life and market changes.

The Core Tenets of Our Philosophy

Our team has been entrusted by you with your wealth. Every decision we make along the way lies on the foundation of being a good steward to you and for you. Therefore, your wealth will be in good hands with the best intention and with the utmost appreciation.
From our perspective, our work is all about building a good relationship and knowing how to listen to you. We look forward to earning your trust and learning about your needs and wants with regard to your wealth. What are your goals, values, and desired outcomes? The answers to these questions can help us build a foundation for our relationship and your financial future.
Our comprehensive approach and ability to utilize our diverse experience can help us build investment plans using a collaborative approach with you, the client. We offer plans for all stages of wealth including wealth creation, wealth preservation, and wealth transfer.
It’s about walking together through the implementation of the plan and understanding the changes taking place and the impact they may have. Change can be difficult, and we make sure you’re not alone as you turn down this new road and begin the journey.
We can help you review how you are doing relative to the goals and targets set out in your plan. This can help us to address changes. We are prepared to discuss any changes to your plan and make any needed adjustments with you to help keep you on track to meet your objectives.

Our Name

Pintler Wealth Management Group is named after a mountain range and the wilderness located 22 miles west of Anaconda, MT. It is home to a rugged mountain range balanced across the continental divide, with elevations reaching 10,793 feet. This secluded stretch of the Great Divide gives rise to some of the world’s finest trout streams, including Rock Creek and the Big Hole River. Cirques and hanging valleys with dozens of alpine lakes, long U-shaped forested valleys, and glacial moraines form a wilderness wonderland.

Let’s Start the Conversation

We bring our education, advanced training, and a commitment to ongoing professional development to each client we work with. We also utilize years of experience practicing investment planning, and we do so with judgement rendered with care, skill, and caution. We are part of Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, a financial institution that stands for strength and stability. Building on this solid foundation, our team is able to focus its advice and guidance, relationships, innovation, community support, diversity, and social responsibility. All of our work is carried out with passion, commitment, and energy to help you succeed financially – to help you build, manage, grow, and transition your wealth.

Please contact us today to start a conversation about what is important to you both today and in the future.